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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Adidas and Nike are now two world sports brand giants, each to share a larger piece of the pie in a highly competitive market, from North America, Europe and "fight" to Asia. Years ago, the two invariably their Greater China headquarters in Shanghai; later even the flagship store, has to be done next door neighbor, were selected Huaihai Road shopping district. Synchronous compatriots seem brotherly, but it is running out of a commercial - without smoke a battle for Shanghai strategy carried out. About a year ago, the new adidas Group China headquarters in Shanghai opened. The new China headquarters is located at Shanghai ICC office building, with a total area of ??17,485 square meters, across seven floors, the space increased by more than 20% higher t Retro jordans for sale han the office site, become the heart of the adidas Group China region. Adidas Greater China attaches great importance to the opening of the new headquarters, that its has great strategic significance, "With our rapid development in China, the original office space stretched, we need to expand the headquarters office space, thus better providing support to employees. " Adi move, Nike has not been idle. Earlier this year, Nike Group announced the Nike employees in Shanghai to build a new area of ??approximately 600,000 square feet concentrated in Greater China headquarters. Was vice president of Nike Group, general manager of the Nike Greater China, said Qi Kaige: The new headquarters will not only all Shanghai Nike Group's employees and to work with the brand concentrated in the same area and the company's office facilities an cheap jordans online d operational capacity has been improved and expanded. has experienced successive years of rapid growth period, along with rising labor costs, rising rents, transportation and other costs, as well as open up the first-line market is almost saturated, Adidas and Nike in China's development has entered a bottleneck, everyone faced with the transition to open up the task. At this juncture, Adidas and Nike invariably choose to enable the new headquarters, and still the headquarters in Shanghai, have its overall consideration, just as many years ago the Asia-Pacific headquarters in Shanghai the same. 2003, Adidas will be the three major branches in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan merged Greater China, and is headquartered in Shanghai. Adidas hopes to promote the Chinese regional markets by combining complementary strengths. Wh Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ile the Adidas company registered in Shanghai's back garden - Suzhou, but it was just a factory production line, while the real brain - management, but in Shanghai, "Shanghai can play the best radiation effects." Even when the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, as the Olympic sponsor Adidas did not give up this strategy. Bi Adi Nike's action earlier step. January 2002, Nike took Hong Kong as a subsidiary incorporated Nike Greater China headquarters in Shanghai controlled by Nike. After a lot of public relations consultancy, finishing after the discovery of such economic center of Shanghai is the focus of their organizing events. "Tennis Masters Cup, NBA preseason, Tiger? Woods to Shanghai, is a marketing opportunity." In Greater China headquarters moved to Shanghai after the market has also been given two sports brand giant hug cheap jordan shoes for men e returns. Nike's fiscal 2011 second quarter report: As of November 30, 2011, the Nike Greater China revenue of $ 482 million, an increase of 20%. From the earnings perspective, Nike Greater China region pretax profit of $ 174 million, an increase of 39%, Nike global market, an increase of six highest, the North American market with an 24% increase in second place. Adidas announced first half 2012 earnings report, sales in China grew 19%. For the Asia-Pacific regional headquarters of multinational location, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants has a list of the five most important factors: close to customers and markets; favorable legal and regulatory environment; stable and favorable political environment; Good business environment; favorable tax environment. With the establishment of a free trade zone, Shanghai showing the ad Cheap air jordan 12 ovo vantages of more respect. When China to embrace the world more open attitude, more urgent world eyeing China, Shanghai is undoubtedly the world is starting to become the "economic field" another center: More and more elements and innovation resource wealth, toward Shanghai. Adidas and Nike high-level exchanges with reporters in both said that since the establishment of free trade zone, a better environment, more opportunities, but also to their development has brought new opportunities. Currently Adidas has built a 'road towards 2015' strategy, Nike also plans to move into new headquarters in the first quarter of 2014, new opportunities, they look forward to the new development, across a new height. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Apparel Network & nbsp; global fash cheap jordans for sale ion brand network.)Street basketball golden age born in the late 90s, veteran Adidas Originals Streetball this field back to his stage, called Zebra, but definitely more than new color zebra so monotonous, as a successor to the Jeremy Scott master pompous style, each part of the vamp zebra stripes overwhelmed with red, yellow, green and blue elements passionate, Congo color tie has a pop flavor; and the sole of high contrast black and white panda color more retro style highlights 90s promotion; don't forget the abnormal thick tongue and collar to protect your ankle, wear it to the street basketball field according to a focus. This Adidas Originals Streetball Zebra is now offering all new friends may wish to hurry to start, love. a5fef8c38b0b316643137b398757af22.jpg (95.7 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals St Retro jordans for sale reetball Zebra 2014-12-10 14:33 upload 86906e997ff342522eb59f1a022e47bf.jpg (82.88 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals Streetball Zebra 2014-12-10 14:33 upload 60b3fbab07df3a209ee2835dbe3a259b.jpg (104.72 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals Streetball Zebra 2014-12-10 14:33 upload 2a02603d3f959d8794976500ac506775.jpg (82.73 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals Streetball Zebra 2014-12-10 14:33 upload 1c7e97b7fadb2133c71cb3e0c1e38688.jpg (55 KB, download number: 0) download 0The Air VaporMax confidence in the day before Nike and the reform of the launch of three new color, the new rate also let us feel the brand again this section high hopes. The new material with Flyknit knitting lavender, light blue and dark blue of the shoe body, supplemented by 3M reflective materi Cheap air jordans for sale al decorative Swoosh and flanking a shoe, and the use of lightweight robust Flywire fly line smart coating midfoot revolutionary VaporMax Air finally, equipped with air cushion shock finishing. Nike item: 849557-501 release date: May Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike item: 849557-404 release date: May Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike item: 849558-402 release date: May 4th Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike Air VaporMax new design Nike xSuper music producer Em cheap foamposites ile Haynie's visvim favorites 2013-12-08 23:48:32 Recently, the famous photographer Jake Davis visited the super music producer Emile Haynie lived in the apartment, who has worked with Kanye West, Drake, A $ AP Rocky as well as other well-known singer Eminem had musicians in the choice of footwear In fact, it is a fully-fledged visvim fans. In & nbsp; Emile Haynie & nbsp; 30 ?? ? visvim collections to include in the Yucca Moc-Folk, Gris Moc Hi-Folk, FTB and other shoes, now let us enjoy it. adidas Basketball 2013 All-Star series of shoes 2013-12-08 22:56:53 published shortly before the NBA officially announced as the starting lineup in 2013 Houston All-Star Game, All-Star Game footsteps away from us increasingly The more near. This time adidas has officially announced three queen-Star cheap jordans for sale mens series of shoes, although its spokesman ace All-Star Derrick Rose missed because of injury, but Dwight Howard or the foot adidas boots All-Star Game starting debut. The All-Star series includes the adidas Rose 3.5, & nbsp; D Howard Light and & nbsp; & nbsp; Crazy Light 2 three shoes, three shoes were blue, red, green and three different colors to create, together with the different embossed patterns, styles. There is no available information specific to this series, I believe in the All-Star Game so will meet with you. Dr. Martens 2013 autumn camouflage suede boots 2013-12-08 23:02:17 classic British footwear brand & nbsp;. Dr Martens overwhelmed released a pair of & nbsp; Core Premium 1460 Green Camo Suede Boot Camouflage new boots, designer with a classic & nbsp; 1460 boots modeled using suede texture excellent material to build, equipped with army fatigues element blessing, extremely rough mad. adidas Originals ZX Flux "Cheetah" color tour map 2014-05-06 22:45:21 adidas Originals ZX series of its recently described as a new member of the ZX Flux shine, much as the next-generation "Roshe Run" momentum. This time has a new full-color leopard print appeared in front of us, supplemented by wild leopard pattern pink three bars Logo and details, full of visual impact. It is reported that this adidas Originals ZX Flux "Cheetah" color is also commercially available in the near future, you may wish to look jogging shoe lovers.Shao Jiayi sports players participate in commercial activities show off Nike soccer shoes 2007-06-18 14:05:49 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: "Beijing Daily Messenger"] Print & nbsp; Close venue entrance security had been very tense look, because Shao met with fans attracted many fans to come, one of the national security of the fans also holding banners, shouting "Welcome, a good home . " The event has been very warm atmosphere, and the fans come Shao Jiayi also had a quiz, which has a very interesting issue, Shao Jiayi ask fans what part of the body touches the chance accounted for 70% ? Fans answers varied, there is a fan shouted "waist and abdomen," Shao amused laugh. But then a fan with a positive answer instep Shao Jiayi has been affirmed. But when you get the prize, he also exceptionally requirements and Shao Jiayi handshake. After Shao Jiayi also worth over a thousand dollars to come up with a pair of soccer shoes TOTAL90 LASER, he has been wearing Nike shoes to play this game in the Bundesliga. He put the shoes as a prize, organized a site Dianqiu game, a fan in the final half minute with both feet Britain 44 times, got a pair of valuable boots. This makes wearing a pair of sandals to play Dianqiu lost fans grouchy. Shao then stressed the importance to the fans Dianqiu, he said: "I think childhood, Dianqiu to help me grow the most, I can use the various departments of the body Dianqiu go feeling and touching the ball, now I feel for the player to master the basic Dianqiu most helpful, it formed a sense of ball is also very helpful. " And at the end of the event, many fans at After obtaining Shao signature, and some require hug, and some asked for a photo, the Shao Jiayi busy. But Shao always keep a smile, although he has been out a lot of sweat. Meets all requirements of the fans after Shao laments, "The fans really too warm." Related news